Case Studies


Case 1: Fortune 500 switches to UVS and reaps greater refunds than from previous VAT recovery provider 

A globally known Fortune 500 company had a sister company that was in the market for an alternative VAT recovery provider and eventually chose UVS. The company was somewhat unfamiliar with VAT recovery procedures but felt that their VAT recovery provider was not retrieving a maximum amount of VAT for them, based on the refunds they began to see the sister company receive from UVS' services.

 partnered with the company to provide a comprehansive VAT refund estimate based on their company travel activity. The estimate alone revealed a probable annual refund that was much larger than the company had previously been retrieving. 

After retaining UVS' services, the widely known company was even more pleased when their actual VAT reclaim with UVS was higher than was estimated, and their savings was more than $220,000 over a four year period. They were overwhelmingly pleased with UVS' customer service and transparency in reporting, which made them feel completely informed about what was happening with their VAT reclaims, from start to finish.

Case 2: Our Speed, Efficiency, Consistency and Success: at any time of the Year!


A major US based retailer sent 7 boxes of high value UK invoices to UVS on Friday, December 28, 2012, to be processed and delivered to the UK Tax Office by Monday, December 31st, to meet the VAT filing deadline. The retailer’s boxes contained several UK and other countries’ VAT invoices. UVS mustered all of our resources on Friday and Saturday and we completed the UK claim over an exhausting half weekend.

We shipped the claim on Saturday afternoon for a Monday delivery. The claim was received by the UK Tax office on December 31, 2012 at 3PM: just in time! And it was more than worth all of the effort: the claim was valued at $35,000 USD! The clients commented via email on January 2, 2013: "Thanks for all of your work. Hopefully, 2013 will be an easier year for us (in terms of deadlines)."

Case 3: Import of Auto Parts and Tools from Germany is most Lucrative

A German auto manufacturer with a manufacturing plant in the US takes delivery of their parts and tools in Germany, so they can be shipped to its US plant in a company-owned freight container.  This saves the German auto manufacturer a substantial amount in freight costs, as commercial freightliners are not used for shipping.

Because there was a local delivery of the parts and tools within Germany before the shipment, the German vendors had to charge 19% German VAT. UVS provided the German Tax Authority a flow chart of movement of goods, proof of payment from the US buyer to the German seller, and convinced the tax authorities to refund over $1,000,000 USD  in VAT Tax which was due to our client.

Case 4: US Residency Certification for VAT Filing: our ability to impact  and influence the industry

We discussed the certification format issue with the US Residency Certification Department of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), to request that the IRS change the format to meet the requirements of the German Tax Authority. We also requested that the department provide us the document that would satisfy the German Tax Authority so that the German VAT refund of several major clients could be processed. IRS suggested that we provide the German Tax Authority the current US Residency Certificate (Form 6166) and a cover letter accompaning the 6166 form. The cover letter shows tax payers address. We discussed the IRS suggestion with the German Tax Authority and they agreed that if the IRS cover letter is attached to the US Residency Cerificate the combine document will meet the requirement to refund VAT for our clients.  

 "During my many years of participation in various international art fairs it has been a pleasure to work with UVS to successfully recover VAT. UVS has worked with great efficiency and has always provided excellent service that I can recommend highly and without reservation."

Jeffrey Rosen, Taka Ishii Gallery

"We have used UVS for the past 3 years to recover VAT in various countries where we conduct business.  UVS is very professional and conducts their work in a manner that does not require much effort from us.  I am very pleased with the service we receive from UVS."

Steve Reinsch, Sony Mobile Communications

"We have been very satisfied with personal attention, proactive service and the results we have experienced with Universal VAT Services"

Judy Dishong, Intl Compliance Manager, Tax Services - JCPenny Company

"UVS has been very proactive in recovering VAT & GST Tax from many of the international countries that our travelers visit. We have been able to recover significant amounts of money that would otherwise have been 'left in the files' "

Sharon Jackson, Associate Director, Procurement - Georgia Institute of Technology

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